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The Story Behind Visualize success ADHD

Why did you name your coaching business Visualize Success ADHD?

When I initially transitioned into ADHD coaching from being a speech-language pathologist, I knew that my expertise was in creating and utilizing tools and strategies to support learning. One of the greatest tools that I use with clients to improve learning and behavior, routines & schedules, working memory, time & project management, organization, and self-regulation is utilizing visual support systems.
What are visual supports?

Visual supports are pictures, drawings, objects, words or lists to aid memory, learning, behavior and communication. Visual supports come in many form such as:

Visual reminders - word, list or picture as a reminder such as sticky notes, To Do lists, calendars, etc. 

Visual schedules - visual sequence of the day's events as in daily calendars, task lists, etc. 

First/Then visual - visual sequence of what needs to happen "first" for the next thing or "then" to occur.

Visual supports are the bedrock of my practice to enable people with ADHD to visualize and live a more balanced life.

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