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Here's what clients

have said about their

experience with individual

and group coaching including

 the 6-Week Calm Crusader Challenge: Parents managing children with ADHD.

Parent, 6-Week CALM CRUDADER Coaching Program

"The Calm Crusader Challenge has been invaluable in understanding my child's ADHD - what causes it and how to best respond to the behaviors. Better than any book I have read, Lucinda's lessons cover the gamut of everything you need to know in easy-to-follow slides and lectures. What really puts Calm Crusader above and beyond any book or webinar is the weekly small group coaching where you receive individualized support from Lucinda and other parents going through much of the same experiences as your own family. I highly recommend taking the Calm Crusader Challenge if you are raising a child with ADHD and sharing your new skills with your family."

Parent, 6-Week CALM CRUDADER Coaching Program

"I loved being able to talk to other parents about what does or doesn't work for them. It was also incredibly helpful as the parent of the youngest kid to see some of the hurdles that may be in our future. Also having the instructor of the course also being a parent of an ADHD child is not only incredibly helpful it is comforting as well. We feel like you TOTALLY understand where we are coming from, not just that you understand because you have read about it or studied it."

Parent, 6-Week CALM CRUDADER Coaching Program

"If you have a kiddo with ADHD, I highly recommend taking this course. I didn't think I needed to, I already knew enough, but I took it and it is a game-changer! It will broaden your understanding of ADHD and empower you to be a more effective parent. Seriously, what I learned from you has helped turn things around in my house. It’s like paradise compared to 6 months ago. Truly!"

Parent, 6-Week CALM CRUDADER Coaching Program

"I would 100% recommend that every parent of an ADHD child take Lucinda's course. I learned not just an incredible amount about how to help parent my child with ADHD, but so much more. I learned how to teach others how to be more understanding of his superpower! I also learned about the science behind ADHD which I don't think is taught enough to parents upon diagnosis. Lucinda is also the parent of an ADHD child which brought a level of comfort that what she was teaching wasn't just from a book, but tips and tricks that she uses in her own daily life. This course was amazing and being able to commiserate with other parents and learn from each other was invaluable!!"

Parent, 6-Week CALM CRUDADER Coaching Program

"Lucinda is an excellent ADHD coach. I learned so much from her about how ADHD affects my child and how to deal with the issues that arise. I highly recommend her course to any parent struggling with an ADHD child. It is worth every penny."

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